Get Started

Deploy your first app

Klave is built to make your life as easy as possible when creating application for confidential computing.

At the moment Klave leverages on a git developer workflow and is able to connect directly to your GitHub repository to detect and automatically deploy changes brought to your applications.

Create a scaffold

We will first start by using the Klave NPM package to scaffold a small app automagically.

Prerequisites: Check you have Node installed (node >=v20)

node -v

Scaffold your Klave application

npm create on-klave

Follow-up instructions

  What is the npm package name? ...
  What is the name of your trustless application? ...
  How would you describe the trustless application? ...
  What is the name of the author? ...
  What is the email address of the author? ...
  What is the URL to the author's GitHub profile? ...
  What is the URL for the repository? ...

Move to the application directory and get your code ready

Develop your app

Once the scaffold has been created you will find the template application in the /apps/hello_world folder.

What's included

The hello_world app contains two methods:

  • A transaction to store data in the ledger: storeValue
  • A Query to fetch the data stored in the ledger: fetchValue
Develop your app

You can build you application locally to check that everything is in order and that Klave will compile your code successfully.

Build your application (Optional)

yarn build

Deploy to Klave

Once you've made the changes you wanted you're ready to deploy. This can be done in a couple easy steps:

Push your folder on a GitHub (opens in a new tab) repository

gh repo create
git add .
git commit -m "your commit message"
git push --set-upstream origin master

Install the Klave GitHub application

For Klave to react to your repository's commits and pushes you will need to install Klave's GitHub App (opens in a new tab) from the marketplace.

Don't worry, if you forget this step Klave will invite you to do so later.

Install the Klave GitHub app

Connect your GitHub repository

Make sure you are logged-in to Klave (opens in a new tab), the navigate to Deploy now (opens in a new tab)

Connect to GitHub

After selecting your organisation, Klave will scan to find your repo.

Scan to find your repo

Select you app and click on enable

You may need to select the application you want to deploy in case you have more than one in you repo.

Select the app you want to deploy

App will deploy

Congratulations ! You app is now queued for compilation and deployment. In a few seconds your application will be ready to use !

Select the app you want to deploy

Test your app deployment

The Klave UI provides a few tools to help test out you application. Navigate to your deployment and explore your registered queries and transactions.

Test and verify your deployment

Try to Store and Fetch value from the Ledger

Use the storeValue transaction to store a a key value pair in the Ledger:

{"key":"myKey", "value":"myValue"}


        "success": true

Use the fetchValue query to get a value from the Ledger:



        "success": true,
        "value": "myValue"