Focus on building trustless

Klave empowers developers and companies to create tamper-proof trustless applications protected by secure hardware and cryptography; expanding the boundary of sensitive data management and sovereign data ownership.


Trust is essential to all relationships, whether they are personal, institutional, or business. Establishing trust is expensive, slow, and cumbersome. It can also be riddled with human errors and inconsistencies. Many recent scandals confirms that trust is often breached and abused in the worst kind of way.

"Trust, but verify." as the famous adage says. But what if to remediate, we had to Trust Less?

Imagine a world where you could interact with others without having to worry about being cheated or deceived. A world respectful or your privacy where you could verify that your data are safe and secure. A world more honest where you could attest that the systems you rely on were working as intended.

Recent developments in the field of Confidential computing and trusted execution environments, represent a unique opportunity to bring forth a new category of cryptographically secure, highly available, trustless systems with unparalleled performances.

A technology that will generalize the principle of falsification resistant computations and ledgers while guaranteeing integrity and privacy.

A technology that will revolutionize the way we interact with the world around us and ultimately bring honesty into the very fabric of the web.

Join us in building the future of trust. "Don't trust, just verify!" Meet Klave!