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Unlock new business use cases and valuable insights with honest computing.

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Out of the box

Out of the box solutions

  • Utilise 'Integrity by design' for your data and code.
  • Secure all your apps within a secure hardware enclave.
  • Leverage a distributed ledger database for seamless auditability
Global network

A global network at your fingertips

  • Global platform with scalability and redundancy built-in.
  • Deploy your apps across global zones in minutes.
  • No operational overheads.

Control your sensitive data processing

  • Adaptable solution to manage compliance and governance.
  • Keep your data and code secret at rest, in transit and in use.
  • Boost conformance and auditability, while reducing running costs.
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Unleash a new realm.
of business use cases.


Unlock new business use cases hidden within isolated datasets.


Enhance your application stack collaborative capabilities across competitors.


Safeguard your business and customer interests with cutting-edge cryptography and hardware-based encapsulation.


Unparalleled accountability and verifiability to ensure code integrity and policy enforcement.

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Bring your code. Deploy in minutes.
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One click deployment

Enjoy quick app bootstrapping with the create-on-klave npm package. Experience hassle-free deployment in one click, and zero configuration and app management from a single dashboard.

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Integrate into your existing workflow

Kick-off deployment straight from GitHub events via the Klave Github app. Enjoy WASM out of the box and develop your app with a fully-fledged SDK in AssemblyScript.

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Create collaborative computing applications

Leverage privacy-enhancing algorithms in confidential computing enclaves to create cross-competitor collaborative apps that keeps every side's data secret and protected.

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Transparency and auditability by design

Using secure distributed ledgers, tamper-proof logchains and trusted execution environments (TEEs), you can perform attestations at every level to reach new levels of governance controls and compliance monitoring.

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Explore the depths of Klave.
Privacy-by-design, tamper-proof,

Verifiability and attestation

Verifiability and attestation


Quick app bootstrapping


Feature-rich SDK


Easy app lifecycle

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Introducing Klave AI.
Confidential and secure inference
tool for machine learning models.

Klave AI

Business use cases for AI apps on Klave are unlocked by protecting IP and respecting privacy


Integrating Privacy-Enhancing Technologies into Central Bank Digital Currencies to achieve a balance between state control and privacy


Providing financial institutions with a secure and large-scale way to pool transaction data across multiple parties


Data collaboration solution for KYC, AML, and fraud in financial services


Benchmarking and data quality reconciliation engine

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Unlock new business use cases and valuable insight with honest computing.