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Frequently asked questions

What is Klave's mission?

Klave empowers developers to create scalable, tamper-proof applications protected by secure hardware and cryptography. Providing the infrastructure for developers to easily develop, deploy and manage trustless applications, bringing honesty by design to the web.

What is Klave?

Klave is a cloud application platform (PaaS) providing privacy-enabling and zero-trust characteristics for WebAssembly-based applications. Klave is designed to bootstrap honesty, integrity and privacy in a world where trust is hard to come by. Klave provides a reliable and secure infrastructure for individuals and organisations to build and run applications without fear of interference from platform providers or third parties. Apps are executed on Klave with the assurance that the code is running as intended and that third parties (including platform providers) cannot observe or alter the code during execution. Klave supports privacy use cases as data is always kept confidential, providing technical evidence and cryptographic proof to enable verification every step of the way.

What is a TPaaS?

A pioneer of the concept of trustless platform as a service (TPaaS), Klave is an innovative variation of the traditional PaaS. It is designed to provide an execution environment for privacy-enabling applications, always ensuring computational and data integrity and providing attestation, technical evidence, and cryptographic proof to enable verifiability.

What is a secure enclave?

A secure enclave is a trusted hardware-based environment that provides isolated and secure execution of sensitive computations and data. It is a highly secure area within a device's processor chip, typically implemented as a separate processor core or a dedicated portion of the main processor.

Secure enclaves are designed to protect critical operations and sensitive data from unauthorised access, tampering, and exposure. They offer a secure container or "safe zone" where computations can be safely performed, ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and data availability.

They play a crucial role in enhancing the security and privacy of systems and applications by providing a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) within which sensitive operations can be performed.

What are Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) and why do we use them?

Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) are at the core of Klave's confidential computing approach. TEEs offer a range of essential guarantees, including data integrity, data confidentiality, code integrity, code confidentiality, attestability, programmability, and recoverability. With a TEE, logic and data being computed are shielded from unauthorised access and tampering using end-to-end encryption, ensuring secure transmission. Moreover, the loaded logic within the TEE remains untampered, guaranteeing that data is processed strictly according to the algorithms defined within the library. TEEs are vital for ensuring the privacy, security, and integrity of sensitive data and computations within Klave's ecosystem.

Where does the name come from?

Sometimes the best name come in the simplest of ways. We spend our time making sure that the best cryptography is available to you in secure enclave easily and out of the box. We were looking for a simple word, easy to remember, to talk about what we do. Bonus points for a word with an available domain name. Key word: "Enclave" .... on Klave ... ! Get it ?

What does the Klave logo represent?

The logo represents the secure principles of Klave and the developer community it was built for.

The logo was designed with three main elements in mind: meaning, iconicity and playfulness. The meaning stems from the secure principles of Klave, cryptography and the mathematical elliptic curve. The iconicity aspect is the icon itself, the dissected elliptic curve creates a geometric 'K' keeping it simple, memorable yet distinct. The playfulness comes from once the shape is rotated it becomes the jellyfish, representing the transparency and trustlessness we provide which allows for adaptation in its environment. The ocean theme itself is also symbolic.

Comparing the internet to an ocean is a metaphorical way that helps us visualise the immensity and complexity of the online world, while also reminding us of the need to navigate it responsibly and be mindful of the impact we have on it. Klave allows developers to explore the vast ocean of possibilities within digital creativity whilst having a secure and positive impact on the internet.