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Klave is a cloud confidential application platform that enables developers to leverage confidential computing and zero-trust technology to achieve new use cases and build applications with privacy, data protection, and digital assets by design.


Effortless Privacy

Leverage Klave's privacy-enabling capabilities and zero - trust architecture to implement privacy and accountability into your business logic at scale within seconds.


Honest by Design

Klave ensures the code is run as intended and guarantees that third parties (including cloud providers) cannot alter the code before execution. Technical evidence and cryptographic proof are provided at every step in the process.


Unlock the Value of your Data

Klave empowers organisations to unlock their data's full potential in several ways, including facilitating sensitive data collaboration, enabling secure data sharing, helping with evidence gathering for compliance and conformity, and bolstering internal and external threat protection measures.

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Why Klave?
CogsBuilt by Experts

Klave is developed by Secretarium - a multi award winning, London based deep tech organisation founded by the former tech leads of Societe Generale's digital asset & privacy Lab. Specialists in cryptography, distributed systems and digital assets, we focus on enabling effortless privacy, leaving you to focus on what you do best.

Global networkConfidential Computing

Klave leverages Confidential Computing to ensure your data and code maintain both integrity and privacy at rest, in transit and importantly, whilst in use. Klave utilises Trusted Executions Environments, which provide apps with the assurance that the code is run as intended and guarantees that third parties (including the cloud provider) cannot alter the code before execution or observe it during execution.

Out of the boxBuilt for Developers

Klave provides built-in security features, enabling developers to speed up the building phase and achieve new use cases, not possible before due to concerns around privacy and security.

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Key Features
figuresOne-click deployment
legoIntegrate into developer workflow
globeCloud platform
lockApps within secure enclaves
condfidential computing
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five stars

"Secretarium technology continues to push the boundaries of privacy enhancing technology innovation, within the Financial services sector. This is borne out by the hard won trust that major financial institutions have in Secretarium technology. One of very few firms who have been able to demonstrate and sustain production solutions, and very well positioned with the Klave platform for the expected wave of adoption."

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five stars

"Thales has designed an offline digital cash solution that is applicable for central bank digital currencies. Secretarium’s Klave solution brings privacy-enhancing technology and trustless computing capabilities to our solution."

Alain MartinThales
five stars

"We must be ready to operate in a world that prioritizes data security and privacy and we are convinced that privacy-enhancing technology delivers the technical solution for that. These new capabilities enable the industry to collaborate in a secure and controlled way to improve data quality, reduce our costs and fight financial crime."

Cécile BartenieffSociété Générale
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Unlock value
from your data


Collective Intelligence

Klave leverages privacy-enhancing algorithms in confidential computing enclaves to create cross-competitor collaboration that keeps every side's data secret and protected. That's why the banking sector worked with us to build DANIE

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Digital Assets

We help to provide data security for all parties, during storage, transfer and processing. That's why SoftMetal built their trading platform on Klave.

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Digital Evidence

Klave provides Digital Evidence Authentication by delivering an attestable and tamper-proof platform. Among the varied uses, include the ability to ensure DEI standards are met with mortgage applications, in a way that is both transparent and provable.

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