Klave aims to provide the infrastructure railway for developer to easily develop, deploy and manage trustless applications and bring honesty by design to the web.

Klave in a Nutshell

Klave is a next generation Trustless Platform as a Service (PaaS). Klave's open platform is designed to enable integrity and privacy in a world where trust is hard to come by. It provides a reliable and secure infrastructure on which individuals, businesses, and organisations can build and run their applications without fear of interference from the platform provider or other third party. Klave provides an execution environment for applications with the insurance that code is run as intended and guarantees that third parties (including the platform provider) cannot alter the code prior to execution and observe it during execution. In addition, Klave enable privacy use cases as data are always kept secret (including from platform provider) at all time. Klave brings honesty to the very fabric of the web by providing technical evidence and cryptographic proof, enabling verifiability every step of the way, systematically.

Confidential Computing meets Distributed Ledger Technology

Klave is built upon a next generation Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) called Secure-Enclave Distributed Ledger Technology (SDLT) that combines the power of Confidential Computing with DLT. The combination of these technologies achieves information confidentiality and produces proof that the integrity of the process has not been compromised. Klave’s SDLT is a high-performance ledger and transactional system, capable of supporting any application and serving a wide range of purposes.

Confidential Computing as a Platform, Made Simple

Technologies behind confidential computing are complicated and not accessible to all developers. To keep developers focus on their critical business code, Klave hides away all complexity ensuring that all applications deployed runs within secure hardware enclaves, are distributed by default, and that associated ledgers stays encrypted and tamper proof at all time. As a bonus, It also enables Confidential computing use cases from the get-go.

An Open Platform for Composable Apps

Klave makes it easy for developers to develop, deploy and manage applications by integrating natively within their workflow and by enabling them to code in the language they love the most. In addition, Klave focus on transparency by being open-source and accompanying the development lifecycle from the gpg commit signature of the developer to the applications versioning and packaging.

A Platform Honest by Design

On Klave you can verify and attest every step of the way that what is happening is what is expected. We call that an honesty machine. By leveraging on privacy enhancing technology and advanced cryptography, Klave provide technical evidence and proof of honesty systematically.

Browse the docs to learn more about Klave architecture and how to deploy your apps.