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The Klave Platform

Klave is a cloud application platform (PaaS) providing privacy-enabling and zero-trust characteristics for WebAssembly-based serverless applications. It enables you to create attestable tamper-proof trustless applications with guaranteed execution protected by secure hardware and cryptography at scale, in the cloud and without any infrastructure setup or maintenance required. Klave aims to integrate natively within your developer workflow enabling you to develop and deploy applications with just a git push. Let's dive into Klave Documentation.


Klave is not your usual cloud provider, to help you understand the concept behind it and have your first application up an running quickly you will find in the documentation:

Open Beta

Klave is currently in its open beta phase. This implies that Secretarium Ltd. does not offer any service-level agreements for the service, including the workloads and data you decide to deploy. Additionally, we retain the right to modify or discontinue compatibility with both past and present versions of the Klave SDK and ledgers.

Getting Support

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to ask us directly on Discord (opens in a new tab) or send us a mail at