Get Started

Connect to an app on Klave

Once your Klave app is ready and deployed, you will want to leverage it in your applications. Klave implements a Secure Connection Protocol (SCP) which provides validatable direct access to your applications.

You can read on the protocol above to implement your own custom connectors but Klave offer out of the box a TypeScript connector you can use both on the server and the client (web browsers, IoT, ...).


On the server the @secretarium/connector package requires Node.js (opens in a new tab) version 20+.

The basics

To start using Klave's TypeScript connector you will first need to install it from NPM

yarn add @secretarium/connector

Once done, you will need to setup a few things to get running. You can see the example code right here:

import { SCP } from '@secretarium/connector';
async function main() {
    // We create the new connector context
    const context = new SCP();
    // We create a new connection key or provide an existing one
    const myKey = await Key.createKey()
    // We start the connection to Klave
    const connection = await context.connect('wss://', myKey)

From there calling your functions is very easy. Take a look at the example below:

import { SCP, Key } from '@secretarium/connector';
type MyValue = {
    success: boolean;
    value: string;
async function main() {
    const context = new SCP();
    const myKey = await Key.createKey()
    const connection = await context.connect('wss://', myKey)
    // We reference the name of our application deployment
    const myAppId = '';
    // We load data in our application ledger with a transaction
    await connection.newTx(myAppId, 'storeValue', { key: 'myKey', value: 'myValue' }).send()
    // We retreive the data with a query
    const result = await connection.newQuery<MyValue>(myAppId, 'fetchValue', { key: 'myKey' }).send()
    // We display the data we retreive and see it matches
    console.log(result); // { "success": true, "value": "myValue" }

Where is the name of your application deployment as per seen in the Klave dashboard.

For a details view of the connector API, check out the Connector SDK section