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Klave Wallet

LanguagesWebAssembly / AssemblyScript
Use CaseKey Management
Cost to deploy
~0.37 GBP
Cost to transact
~0.01 GBP
Deploy on Klave

Community Certifications

Audited by Imperial College London

key management wallet app

Secure your cryptographic keys on Klave

An implementation on Klave of a Wallet to manage cryptographic keys and external owned account for the web3 ecosystem.


Wallet are used to store and manage securely cryptographic keys that are needed to sign transaction and payload.

The Klave Wallet provides the following functions:

  • Create, delete ECDSA and AES Keys
  • Sign, Verify, Encrypt, Decrypt
  • Access management


  • Create Wallet - Create your Wallet
  • Manage cryptographic keys lifecycle - Create, delete and use your cryptographic keys
  • Sign and Verify - Create and verify signature with your keys
  • Encrypt and decrypt - Encrypt message and Decrypt cypher with your keys


This library is created by Klave and Secretarium team members, with contributions from: