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Klave UTXO

LanguagesWebAssembly / AssemblyScript
Use CaseDigital Currency
Cost to deploy
~0.37 GBP
Cost to transact
~0.01 GBP
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Community Certifications

Audited by Imperial College London

Utxo protocol implementation

UTXO protocol Klave implementation

An implementation on Klave of the Unspent Transaction Output (UTXO) protocol that is used by many cryptocurrencies.


The Unspent Transaction Output (UTXO) protocol is used by several cryptocurrencies to track ownership of the digital currency. UTXOs are like digital change left over from cryptocurrency transactions. They represent the amount of digital currency that a user can spend. The UTXO protocol is essential to prevent double-spending by ensuring that each UTXO can be spent only once. When you make a cryptocurrency (using UTXO protocol) transaction, your wallet uses UTXOs as inputs to create new transactions. These UTXOs are the evidence of your previous cryptocurrency receipts. To spend a UTXO, the entire amount must be used, similar to spending a physical banknote. If the UTXO value is more than what you want to send, a new UTXO is created as change and sent back to your wallet.

The Klave UTXO protocol implementation provides the following functionalities:

  • Create your cryptocurrency UTXO based
  • Transfer coin from one account to another
  • Get the current coin balance of an account
  • Get the total supply of the coin available on the network


  • Create coin - Create and name cryptocurrency
  • Manage supply - Use mint and burn method to manage coin supply
  • Manage transaction - Send and receive coins


This library is created by Klave and Secretarium team members, with contributions from: