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Secure Data Rooms

LanguagesWebAssembly / AssemblyScript
Use CaseFile Exchange
Cost to deploy
~0.37 GBP
Cost to transact
~0.01 GBP
Deploy on Klave

Community Certifications

Audited by Imperial College London

secure data rooms

Secure File Sharing

The secure data room app leverages on Klave's confidential computing to allow you to encrypt files and collaborate with selected users.


This contract implements an API that provides the following functions:

  • Set a super admin for the secure data room
  • Super admin creates a single data room
  • Super admin approves participants upon request to become admin or viewers of the data room
  • Super admin approves the storage server upon request to become an admin of the data room
  • Creation of signature / verification pair of keys for both klave and storage server
  • Ability to store file definition in klave to provide a secure access only to participants of the data room


This library is created by Klave and Secretarium team members, with contributions from: