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LanguagesWebAssembly / AssemblyScript
Use CaseToken Management
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Audited by Imperial College London

KRC20 app

Account based ERC20 like Token Klave implementation

An implementation on Klave of an ERC20-like fungible token as well as an account based infrastructure. Include also supply management through mint and burn method.


Tokens can represent anything from a currency like USD, a metric ton of metal, a concert ticket, and more. Standards such as ERC20 have been introduced to make Tokens fungible, meaning that they all have properties that make each Token the same as another Token.

KRC20 inspired from ERC20 implements an API that provides the following functions:

  • Transfer tokens from one account to another
  • Get the current token balance of an account
  • Get the total supply of the Token available on the network
  • Approve whether an amount of Token from an account can be spent by a third-party account


  • Create token - Create and name tokens
  • Manage supply - Use mint and burn method to manage token supply
  • Create account - Create and manage user account
  • Manage transaction - Send and receive tokens


This library is created by Klave and Secretarium team members, with contributions from: