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Chat Room

LanguagesWebAssembly / AssemblyScript
Use CaseMessage Exchange
Cost to deploy
~0.37 GBP
Cost to transact
~0.01 GBP
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Community Certifications

Audited by Imperial College London

chat room

Privacy and Programmability

An implementation on Klave of a chat room concept which provides full privacy and integrity by design, while allowing programmers to build chat bots to provide new business functionalities.


This chat room template provides an app which will allow the basic functionalities of a chat room while preserving the privacy and integrity through Klave capabilities:

  • Register your users and identify them
  • Create a chat room and manage its users
  • Discuss through multiple chat rooms with live notifications

On top of these basic functionalities, it also showcases the use of bots that can enable another level of business capabilities, to provide a "chat with a brain" while preserving the same level of privacy and integrity.


  • Register your user
  • Create chat room
  • Manage users of chat rooms
  • Exchange messages
  • Create new business functionalities through your own Chat bots


This library is created by Klave and Secretarium team members, with contributions from: